In India, mothers are being massaged everyday for 6 weeks after they have given birth. Heaven! This is not a common practice in our western world.

Many women will do their postnatal gym and make sure they regain their muscle integrity, which is important of course, but often forget or neglect the transformation that the whole body goes through after pregnancy and birth.

It is essential to reconcile with our bodies after such an experience, however amazing it has been. The body needs special care and attention and massage can help it regain vitality quickly and release tensions accumulated during pregnancy, birth and after birth.

The mother is also suddenly fully immersed in playing a vital role in the development of the newborn child, and has very little time to nourish herself. Massage can help her find her own centre, and help her to feel nourished physically and emotionally.

Postnatal massage supports the mother’s body in:

• Regaining vitality and energy

• Releasing painful areas as back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs

• Regaining body shape through deep tissue massage

It helps women feel better about themselves as they reconnect with their bodies and find physical relief.

Sessions: 1h, babies welcome

For a happy mother makes a happy baby!