Hypno Birth

Story of women and birth

In ancient Greece, women gave birth accompanied by a midwife at the foot of the Delivery tree, it was a real celebration, the mother goddess was invoked, the woman was worshipped because she was recognised as creator of life.

In the western world, following the Council of Nicea in 325 which laid the foundations for the texts of the Bible, women stepped down to being in the shadow of men. Motherhood lost its fundamental role. Pregnant women were isolated and had no assistance, which resulted in a loss of knowledge transmission, multiplication of difficult deliveries and increase of childbirth mortality. Women became afraid to give birth.

In the 19th century, doctors tried to understand the birth process and childbirth became a medical procedure.

In the 1920s, Doctor Dick-Read, an English gynecologist, observed that women from modest backgrounds gave birth more easily than women from more advantaged social classes and that fear made deliveries more complex. Indeed, fear creates tensions, which causes an arterial contraction, which then creates tensions in the uterus and induces greater pain. However, pain being a sign of alarm of the body to signal a problem, it contradicts the natural laws of childbirth. Fear creates a primary reaction in our reptilian brain, which as a result, induces 3 types of reactions: flight, fight or freeze. The flight mode sets in motion the use of the legs, the fight mode that of the arms and the freeze mode totally paralyses us. None of these reactions are compatible with childbirth. In addition, during a feeling of fear, much oxygen is sent to the peripheral muscles (arms, legs), which causes a decrease in oxygen in the internal organs, including in the uterus. As a result, the brain sends the message to the body that this is not the right time because it is necessary to flight, fight or freeze but the uterus must continue to do its job ... This complicates the labor and makes it longer.

Objective of hypnobirth sessions
The goal of hypnobirth sessions is to support the mother in staying calm and in trusting that she will give birth to her child with confidence, this way, real teamwork between her brain and her body can happen.

Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness which, according to Erickson, is a natural phenomenon which can happen spontaneously for anyone and appears in multiple circumstances (for example when our mind wanders during a boring meeting). During hypno birth sessions, we trigger this natural state by inducing it in order to support the birthing process in a fluid and soft manner. The brain sends reassuring messages of well-being to the body, creating a hormonal chain reaction producing endorphins and oxytocin, which in terns supports the body in doing its job naturally in the best possible conditions.

The reinforcement of the deep connexion that bonds mother and baby beyond the physical realm and the revealing of the inner beautiful beings of light that they are, brings about trust and consciousness in the natural process of birth.  

It takes at least 4 sessions to bring this tool to efficiency. On top of the sessions, recordings will be provided for the mother to listen to at home to anchor the process really deeply in order to bring it to its full potential on the day of delivery.

Ideally, you should start 3 to 4 months before the due date.

The cost of one session is 60 €, it can be done by Skype or FaceTime.
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