Touch is the most important and first sense that develops in a human being. The skin alone is the biggest organ of the body. Adequate and respectful touch is something human beings really need to have a balanced life. Some cultures use touch more than others, for exemple, baby massage is widely use in India from the beginning of life. Baby massage really helps babies understand their bodies and comprehend the world around them. It will help them tame space once they start to move freely.

Massaging your baby may have an positive impact on the following :

• Circulatory and digestive systems

• Hormonal and immune systems

• Coordination and balance

• Learning and concentration

• Muscular development and growth

• Mind and body awareness

But baby massage also has an impact on the emotional world of the baby and on the developing relationship with the parent. It’s another way of deep communication with one’s baby.

Parents may find that baby massage helps relieve :

• Gas and colic

• Constipation and elimination

• Growing pains and muscular tension

• Teething discomfort

• Cramps

And finally, massage promotes relaxation, which may be shown through :

Improved sleep patterns

• Increased flexibility and muscle tone

• Regulation of behavioral states

• Being calm and being able to calm themself

• Reduction in stress hormones

Group sessions are a great moment of sharing experience and emotions but individual sessions can also be a soothing moment for mothers and fathers to be with their child in a different way.