Pregnancy, Birth Preparation, Baby Communication and body treatments for mothers and babies 

Its all about pure love, isn't it?

HappyBirth offers :

A guidance through your journey of parenthood/Parental coaching

Birth preparation sessions for couples to prepare for labour and birth

A conscious welcoming of the soul coming to integrate its parents life 

Tools to communicate with babies (in the womb and born) and young children

Body treatments for mothers and babies

I have been on a path of self development and therapeutic support to people for over 20 years, which has given me a greater understanding of the issues related to relationships, which start at conception and beyond. I facilitate the communication and the bonding between babies and their parents in a deeply connected conscious way that takes into account who the inner being of the baby really is, that is: beyond the cells developing into a human being, the soul's journey into the matter. My work evolves with each meeting with parents and their babies and I am deeply grateful for the gifts they have given me resulting in opening my heart wider and challenging my belief systems.

Babies are fascinating creatures who have so much to tell us, we can truely learn and grow with them, if only we manage to really listen to them…Let's do it!