« a happy birth is a happy start in life »

Baby Talk can be done when a mother is pregnant.

Baby talk before birth

This way, we access a deep communication with the baby in the womb and can explore potential fears and emotions the baby may have about coming into life.

Babies are not "white blank pages", they are, from the beginning, individual persons with emotions, fears, belief systems (based on something real and tangible or not) and apprehensions about birth and life on earth. Pregnancy is an important time for both babies and parents to prepare for the birth and major life change it will bring to the family. Emotions are lived by the mother but also by the baby and both are touched by each other. Fathers also play an important role and should not be forgotten or left aside.

The Baby Talk sessions allow to have a glimpse of the inner world of the baby in order for parents to help support it in the best possible way to reach conscious birth and start of life. It's not magic, it only provides information that babies wish to share with their parents and the work needs to be continued at home.

Sessions: 1 hour