« a happy birth is a happy start in life »

Secret Baby, "Parole Au Bébé" in French, is a methodology that has been developed by Brigitte Denis, a Canadian doula and baby massage therapist who has worked with and learnt from babies for many years.

Babytalk 2

Her technique consists of using the test of the arm as described in kinesiology, in order to access the baby's emotional internal world. This is being done through one of the parents, using his or her arm.

This deep baby communication allows us to tap into babies' emotional worlds and allows babies to express themselves. Through this test of the arm, the baby is able to talk about fears, emotions, needs, belief systems that he/she is experiencing. This connection is made through the "Wise" part of each one of us, that voice that always knows what is best for us.

It can be done both during pregnancy and after pregnancy until children are autonomous in their communication, in order to really help babies start well their life journeys and be understood in their deep emotional needs.