« a happy birth is a happy start in life »

Sessions: between 45 minutes and 1 hour

The sessions are tailor made to the parents needs, according to the number and qualifications of other professionals around the couple.

Pregnancy is a 9 months journey, the process of becoming a parent needs time to evolve and slowly become real. Future fathers and future mothers don't share the experience the same way, the work with the couple is essentially to bring consciousness to the process, to help each other understand what is going on internally and externally and to equip parents with developing a high quality level of presence to the process and to their babies.

Number of sessions?

From 5 to 10 sessions, including a session after birth to help the mother bring closure to her body experience of birth and to let out any difficult aspect of the process.

The first sessions are concentrated on the various games and the responses of the baby to it's parents touch and the process of becoming a parent.

The later sessions will be concentrating on the journey of giving birth, preparing for labour with massage techniques, voice work, breathing, body movements and positions, visualisations, ways to reduce the intensity of contractions and also information about the various ways in which labour can start and the different ways to give birth.

We will briefly look at parent's own birth , to see if there might have been some difficult experience and we will look at potential fears or

We will go through the emotions, potential fears that may be present and look at the physiological and emotional aspects of both becoming parents and giving birth to a baby.