« a happy birth is a happy start in life »

The main goals are the following:

1. Provide babies with a sense of security

2. Give parents and especially fathers tools to be active during pregnancy and birth

3. Develop the quality of presence of parents for their baby during pregnancy and birth

4. Provide with an opportunity to understand the birth process, go through each one's emotions and understand each other

Parents prepare for the arrival of their baby. Since the couple has developed a strong affective bond with its baby over the pregnancy, mothers feel more self confident and secure, they have developed an understanding of what feels right for them and their baby and they feel empowered to give birth to their baby with the help of their companion and the professionals who will be with them at that time.

Birth preparation involves physiological aspects of pregnancy and birth as well as emotional aspects. All possible difficult aspects are being looked at. Fathers are actively involved, they learn to be there for their partner and baby, how to make them feel secure and how to help the mother overcome fear and pain. The various tools learnt help parents embrace the process of labour and develop the quality of their presence to the baby, which in turns influences the emotional experience of birth for the baby.

Birth becomes a real unique 3some experience, which largely enriches the new family’s life.