« a happy birth is a happy start in life »

Affective Birth Preparation

What is it?

It is an approach that guides couples through pregnancy and birth, allowing them to develop an affective touch and connection with their babies.

It’s main objective is to develop a sense of security in the baby in the womb and in the parental couple. It develops the autonomy of the 3 of them as their emotional needs and requirements are being heard and met through the experiment of a real affective presence. Fathers learn to be very helpful and present for their wives throughout labour as they have developed as close bond with their babies and are emotionally available for their partners.

Games in the womb:

Parents play games with their babies, it is a kind of ‘relational’ game in which parents make their baby feel that he /she is a real person in their lives and that they are waiting for him/her to come and join them in love and respect. It helps babies feel welcome and it in turns develops a real sense of security in them. It helps fathers be involved in a very ‘concrete’ way from the beginning of pregnancy. There are various ways to play with one’s baby in the womb.

Games sessions usually start as early as 4 months of pregnancy, as soon as a mother feels her baby move.